Lamar definitely generated more awareness of my business and helped to grow my customer base

Nikki Voytoski

His well-rounded leadership skills and deep understanding of marketing, and social media make him an extraordinary candidate for any project or organization

Dr. Dick Terbush


The process

Maybe you are like Kelli and you had a thriving local business then life forced you to move and you are rebuilding from scratch. Or perhaps you are like Bill and your website doesn't just need a refresh it needs a redo. Or maybe you are just wondering how to use email to really engage with customers and grow your existing business, like Danae.

Either way, it is time to take action on your website and fix your email campaigns.

As you dig deep and do your research you are going to find, (1) many designers are fantastic at design…. Fantastic! But they completely abandon you when it comes to copy. It is just not their thing.

(2) Web designers won't help you with your ongoing customer relations, also known as your email marketing strategy.

If you really are going to turn strangers into customers, and customers into raving fans, you are going to have to do more than just show them a pretty website. You are going to have to connect with them on a deep emotional level and inspire them.

A great design helps people stay on your site for more than a few seconds, but it is your content that inspires them to buy your product and use your service.

It is your copy that persuades your website visitors to become loyal customers and raving fans that happily choose you and refer you.

That's why I offer you:

  • Copy that is always keyword researched so you are speaking to customers in their language
  • Copy that is trend aware, so your voice is always in tune with the how your customers are thinking
  • Strong calls to action so each piece converts
  • Explainer video scripts to engage your customers visually and audibly
  • Proposition statements that clearly show how your customer benefits from you and your services
  • Copy that always respects your unique voice and invites the reader to take the next step

If you are looking to grow your business and increase sales by strengthening your online presence, check out my process, then click the button above to start a conversation.

I was impressed by his ability to communicate effectively and hone in on the most critical items

Fritz Behrhorst


...the process...

If I could only give one piece of advice, I would say “Lamar Johnson is someone you should do business with!"

Richard ‘Rick’ W. Carr, Jr.

I am pleased to have met Lamar and look forward to working with him in the future and would not hesitate to recommend him

Jeff Engelmann


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