Yoga Business Building for Beginners

Keys to Building A Modern Yoga Business Yoga Business Practice

How do you get your yoga business up and running as quickly as possible? How do you attract clients reliably and repeatably from this day forward?

216,732 searches for “yoga studio” in the last 12 months.

Getting people into your yoga business is not as hard as you think.  People are out there actively searching for your yoga business.  Every day, all day, at weird times of the day, people are looking for the services your yoga business provides.

Over 200,000 people searched for the term yoga studio in the last year, do you think having a fraction of those people find you would help your yoga business?  Let’s say 10%, do you think an extra 1,806 people seeing your yoga business online every month would help you get some of those “elusive” clients.

See that is the thing, people will tell you to do things in your yoga business that (1) ignore, (2) reject or (3) don’t attract the people that are actually looking for your yoga business.

Yoga Business Marketing Fails

Your yoga business will fail if you follow those directions.

When we are starting up, what do we need?  We need clients and we need them quickly.  We pay for things up front; studio space, web space, equipment, etc.  We have to have clients to go from red to black.

There some good stuff, like attending events. Representing your yoga business at events is smart.  What events to attend?  Obviously business events. Business owners have the same problems, so they tend to talk about solutions that work.  You want (1) your yoga business to be part of those solutions and (2) vibe together to see what is working and what is not for everyone.  Also, events where your potential clients will be.  That was the end of the line on the great advice.  Most of the rest of the advice wasn’t good for your financial or mental health.

Big Mistakes

Here are some things you really want to take a hard look at if you want to succeed.  This advice is a combination of (1) most repeated, (2) will do you the most harm and (3) not grounded in what people are doing instead grounded in what people are saying.

  • Create business cards
  • Talking down to potential clients
  • Nothing about attraction

Business Cards

Creating business cards is not necessary.  Why?  It allows you to be passive.  It is an inexpensive way to for your inner fears to win.  You can get 1000 printed, pass them out and wait for the phone to ring.  You don’t have to deal with the possibility of rejection.  Don’t worry about that. That “feeling” is just a phase trying to prevent you from being outstanding. Plus, that fear is unfounded. You are out there, taking action, making the world a better place in your own way.

The counter to buying business cards is getting business cards.  You get their information.  You become proactive in getting them into your sales funnel.  You take responsibility for giving them immediate value right off the bat.

Talking Down To Clients

This is a big one.  The thinking goes that you don’t want to be too technical in your materials and in how you speak.  You don’t want to use words they don’t understand.  Understandable.  But, but, but.  There are two big problems here.  One is behavioral and the other is data-based and they are interrelated.

Over 2440 people a month search “vinyasa flow yoga”

Your clients are already using big technical fancy nancy words to search for your yoga business.  Why?  Well, a search is not linear.  When you search you learn something that you didn’t know that you didn’t know.  So you tend to search that term as well.  And if that term is interesting and related to your original search you go after it.  And it will return another unknown and you go after that as well.  This is why your clients already have heard of the fancy terms you are NOT using.  Especially if they found you online.

Don’t be afraid to use technical insider language in your marketing and when talking to your clients.  Just remember to (1) relate it to something they know and (2) always tell them the results it gives.

If it is going to eliminate knee pain and help you relax, say that.  If it has an ancient Tibetan name that can only be pronounced on the winter solstice, say that too.  Talk your clients up, not down.

Your Yoga Business Need ContentYoga Terms Search1

The relationship with your clients does not start in the studio.  In fact, your face to face time is just the tip of a very large iceberg.  The word-of-mouth out there leads you to believe if you build it and talk about it once or twice they will come.  No way. The actual data says that people WANT email from you.  All this complaining about being overwhelmed is not what the data shows.

People actually want to hear from the people they like, love and admire.  And make no mistake, they like, love and admire you.  They want to hear what you have going on.  Not just in your business life but your life.  They want to open up their email and see that you have been working on better ways to teach something that is going to help their knee pain or their migraines or their upper lumbar flexibility.

You can only be at one place at a time.  Your content can be in every place all the time.

No Attraction, No Action

This is a big one.  And it is what they don’t say.  There is NOTHING about attracting clients to your yoga business.   First, they talk about talking to the world at large. FAIL.  Don’t talk to the world at large.  The world at large doesn’t care about your yoga business.  The world at large is worried about whatever, CNN, Buzzfeed, Fox News and the National Enquirer tell them to be worried about.  You want to talk to a specific person that you know needs your services, wants your services and you are dying to help.

Jennifer is my avatar, the imaginary person I am being of service to.  She is just starting her yoga business.  She is enthusiastic.  In my mind, there is a ponytail, some lycra yoga pants, and a yoga mat.  Right now, she is not on the mat she is on her computer.  She is researching ways to build her yoga business.  She has a lot of faith in herself but doesn’t really know where to start the business building part.  She has never heard of value ladders, sales funnels, introductory email sequences or episodic relationship building email sequences.  She has a website but it is not optimized for any of the words her clients are searching, and she probably doesn’t even know that.  She has great ideas and she can really kickass as a yoga instructor, she just needs to build bridges from herself to her clients.

Boom, that is how you find someone to talk.  Let your Jennifer know that you are there to help her get what she wants.

What People Are Really Looking For In A Yoga Business

If you want to build your yoga business fast use the tools of the modern era.  Once the printing press was invented you think people kept carrying around stone tablets!  Use what is available to do the things you know will work.  Stone tablets, newspapers… both give people something they want, information in written form.

With a little consistent effort, your yoga business could get a significant amount of the 29,440 searches per month on 8 key terms your clients are searching for right now.  How much?  45% of traffic goes to the first position.  So 45% of 29,440, would be over 13,000 views.  Would 13,000 views a month help you build your yoga business?  And that is just for 8 keywords.

Wait There Is More

There are another 30,819 searches per month that are even more topical.  Even more relevant and more driven by the modern era.  Just 7 terms and they all listed as easy to rank in the top spot, all waiting for the right yoga business to come and make it happen.

Build Your Yoga Business Fast

First, don’t believe the hype about marketing your yoga business. Be confident, relatable and present. Add a follow-up system and your yoga business will take off.Yoga Easy

Second, you can take your yoga business to whatever level you want, it just takes some time and effort.  If you follow the guidelines above you are going to be head and shoulders above the competition.  No one in the yoga business arena is thinking this way so you have the upper hand as long as you take action.

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