Something About Me

I guess all the important stuff about me is boring so I will talk about the weird and embarrassing stuff.

I Thought My Wife Wanted To Steal My Clothes

I met my wife when she worked at a dry cleaner. Long story short, she offered to take my clothes home and wash them. I thought she was crazy. We went on a date that night, she moved in with me the next night and that was… 19 years ago and counting.

I Was On A Submarine

I am tall and now much heavier but at the time I was slimmer and still tall. I was in the Navy, I taught people how to operate nuclear reactors and I served on a nuclear submarine. Fun fact.. the bed on a submarine is my exact height. When I laid flat on my back my head touched the top and the soles of my feet touched the bottom.

Got My MBA Then Discovered Corporate America Wasn’t For Me

You figure you would know that BEFORE shelling out all that dough and taking all that time. Alas, I didn’t. I worked at GE, in their RV Credit division. Safeway at an ice cream plant (in 120ยบ Phoenix) and a couple of other corporate places. I tend to like to take on projects involving multiple pieces, solve them and move on. That is not exactly how big companies work. I was a proverbial square in a round hole. There were a few places I fit in but in the end, what I wanted wasn’t going to happen in the corporate world of America.

I Was 19 Before I Knew What A Corn Dog Was

It is true. I had no idea. Frankly, I could have gone my whole life not knowing. They are gross.

I Know How Much Every City Service Actually Costs

One of the few places I liked was working in city management for the City of Casa Grande. I had a project where I had to figure out what every single service cost the city. Took a lot of interviewing and a lot of math and a lot of creativity. It was pretty fun.

I Punched My Father In The Face

While not particularly a proud moment it did happen. And actually very recently. Thing is, I am a very live and let live kind of person and I actively stay away from confrontation. I don’t like the stress of it all. My father.. well he is not a nice person and really it was a long time coming. Happenstance and my stupid loyalty put us in the same place at the same time. And he does what he does and I had enough, so I slugged him. Remarkably, people weren’t all that surprised and actually very supportive.

The Best Sandwich In The World Is In Toulon France

Visited Toulon years ago. A street vendor made these panini style sandwiches with lamb and some kind of yogurt dressing. Best sandwich in the world. I must have ate 15 of them in 3 days.

Pompeii Is Cool Skip Mt. Vesuvius

I visited both. I am pretty sure I would have loved to live in Pompeii. Google Pompeii store frescos and you will see why. Vesuvius is a hole, high up in the air, with tiny vents of smoke and steam coming out. There, I just aved you 4 hours of your life.

There Is More

But I will save something for later ๐Ÿ™‚

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