Your Marketing Problems Solved

If you want to book yourself solid, if you want more customers coming to you for all the things that make them and their family feel safe, and secure then I am here for you. Whether you are building your business from scratch, whether you have a solid book and you want to work less for the same money, even if you want to work the same amount and dramatically increase sales, I have a perfect solution for you.

Now, if you want to hear about free word-of-mouth techniques, or how to brand yourself in the 21st century or the 15 things you can do on social media to build your client list. Stop reading right now and go do something else. I cannot help you. I don’t that stuff because it doesn’t work as a repeatable profitable model. What you want is a marketing plan that works for auto repair shops and mechanics. Advertising ideas that convert potential customers in real ones. For too long auto shop marketing has (1) taken examples from other industries that are not a match and (2) use marketing strategies that “adapted” from other industries and businesses.

Simple Traffic, Conversion, Economics Triangle This is a repeatable profitable model. I will show you how to drive traffic to your business, convert those people into well paying customers and fill your book. Once you figure this out you can repeat it over and over again.

I can show you how to:

  1. Figure out what you can truly charge.
  2. Set up pricing models so regardless of your customer’s choice it benefits you.
  3. Show you how many of your customers would gladly pay 4x, even 16x more as long as you give them the right offer.

Oh, I can also show you how to know exactly what you should be offering customers. If you are still with me, here we go.

Simpler Than You Think

I try not to talk to much about advertising and marketing around strangers. Because when I say you can make 30, 40, even 100% leaps in profitability they look at me like I am crazy. When I say you can have those kinds of results in those time frames they think I am off my rocker.

Let’s talk about the most frequent UNanswered question.

How do you build a system that repeatedly get customers automatically that are looking for exactly what you are good at?

So here’s the thing. As part of my research, I have read several books specifically about building a auto repair customer list and they are all missing a HUGE piece. I was going to say they were all crap but that is not true.

What is true is the marketing and advertising sections of these books were devoid of anything that can possibly help you double or triple your profits in 6 months or less.

I went to the source. I interviewed, cajoled and picked the brains of every successful independent business owner I could get my hands on from South Carolina, to California, to Arizona. I can tell you for sure they had one thing in common; they obsessed about attracting new customers. Nothing happened until a customer stepped in the door so they were maniacs about getting people in the door.

Finally, I talked to struggling shop owners. Some of them are out of business now. The common denominator there was hope. Hoping that a scattershot approach combining, friends, family, bad print advertising (paying full price, no less) and Facebook will carry the day. That is no way to live. A repeatable marketing plan with easily measureable results wins the day every time.

You want reliable traffic, customers that are contacting you like clockwork because you have what they want. You and only you. And they are more than willing to pay you top dollar for your services.

To make that happen you need only 2 things, an idea and an experiment.

Again, just an idea and an experiment

That’s it. Seriously. You don’t needs thousands of dollars, you don’t need to hire a marketing expert or place an expensive ad in a magazine and you don’t need to spend days and weeks agonizing over how you are going to get customers. With an idea and an experiment you can start printing money. I hope your you are sitting down because here we go.

The Idea

You need to come with something unique that you want to offer. Amazon delivers everything from A to Z, see it is right in Amazon’s logo; an arrow pointing from A to Z. And boy, do they take that seriously. Remember way back when Amazon just sold books. Now it is books, streaming video, a little cube that you talk to and music plays and people deliver stuff to your door. Not to mention, they just bought an entire grocery store chain!

Domino’s had an idea. Domino’s didn’t invent pizza delivery, they guaranteed in 30 minutes or less. The problem wasn’t you couldn’t get a pizza delivered; the problem was it took forever. Domino’s hit the scene, guaranteed it in 30 minutes or less and built a hundred million dollar business out of it.

Being Unique

Let’s say you are an auto repair business owner. It has all been done right? Well, so what. Almost nothing is new. It is all in how you do it and how you present it to your customer. So what can you offer that is unique:?

  • Fix it so they never have to worry about the problem again (warranty / guarantee your work)
  • Guarantee the price
  • Guarantee the lowest price
  • Guarantee a completion time, appointment time, both?
  • Offer a car service for customer pick up and drop off (├╝ber anyone?)
  • Offer them an easy way to pay
  • Offer a discount for pre-payment
  • Offer them gold service, platinum service, black service
  • Give them a detailed report they can use to increase the sales value of their car
  • Offer a certified auto inspection they can use anytime they are considering a purchase

The list is infinite, you can literally create any offer you please. So how do you come up with an idea? Take the problem you hear about the most. The problem your customers and potential customers are on and on about and solve it. Be specific and be creative.

  • Customers complaining about not having a ride once they drop off their’s, offer free uber pick-up and return.
  • Customers complaining about the heat (I live in Phoenix) offer complimentary water or tea.
  • Client wants to stay and wait, offer a computer lounge with Internet access and fresh scones.

Bundle and price it however you see fit, just solve the problem. And the more of them you can solve the better.

The Experiment

This is where you will shine and others will fail.

The Experiment.

I have plenty if ideas. I am not kidding, I write down at least 10 a day. Ideas are nothing if not expressed with an experiment. This is especially true in your business. Your idea, the creative and unique solution you just came up with means absolutely nothing if you cannot make a profit from it.

Listen, all the best mechanics I know, love their work. They do. But they also like to get paid.

Mechanics need vacations too and airline tickets cost money

For the experiment you need, a web page, not a website, a web page, a domain name, a pay per click account, and a way to get payments.

On your web page, talk about all the suckiness of the problem your idea solves.

Traffic is awful, stressful. You cannot get anyting done because your eyes are on the road. Wouldn’t it be nice to be chauffeured home from your appointment when you dropped off your car and back to the shop to pick it up. You could sit back and read or catch up on those couple of emails you have been putting off, or just enjoy the drive. You wouldn’t have to worry about making arrangements for pick and delivery. Just show up and drop off your keys at your specially reserved time, and all you car worries disappear. Then just like your chariot awakes to take you to your next destination. Just imagine how that will be.

Lay it on, because trust me, your customer is ALREADY thinking it. You are just joining the conversation in their head.

Then tell your potential customer how your idea solves their problem, why you are specially qualified to solve it for them…

this is important.. like so important I had to say important, three times. Make them an offer. Ask for MONEY.

If you don’t ask you have wasted your time, your money and your experiment fails. You don’t get any new customers, your customers will not only not increase, your book will get smaller. Why… Because customers move, customers die, customers decide to only walk everywhere wearing a toga and sandals.

And make it an offer they can’t refuse. And if you are thinking your offer will cost too much (1) you are probably dead wrong and (2) that is what the experiment is for, to tell you if you can execute it profitably.

Now, create a pay per click ad with a small budget and test it.

Sample PPC Table

Now before you freak out, a few things of note about that graphic.

  • It is not about the cost, it is about the cost per click, even with a small budget you can get good traffic to test your idea.
  • PPC experiments are incremental. So for campaign 3, they didn’t pay $18,000 up front. That campaign could have been over 6, 8, 12 months.
  • You control the costs of your experiment every step of the way.
  • Because you control the costs, and since you set the price of your offer, you can figure out pretty easily if you are going to make money.

Not In A Vacuum

I didn’t come up with all this stuff in a dark lab like some madcap scientist. First, I got an MBA. Then, I decided to figure out how to really make money because an MBA doesn’t teach you that. That was a $60,000 no $70,000 lesson in what NOT to do.

Working in GE’s RV Credit division as a credit manager helped some. I got access to the financials of over 400 businesses and spoke to hundreds of owners and high level managers. But real breakthrough came when I started applying the strategies of Perry Marshall, Dr. Livingston and Dan Kennedy, to name a few, to my own life. Yeah, when you start spending your own money, as they say in Bad Boys 2, **it gets real.

And working on other people’s marketing accelerated the learning curve. You want great testimonials and you don’t get them doing poor work.

Is there more to the idea – experiment model of profitability? Sure there is but I guarantee you. If you take just this little nugget that I have shown you and run with it. It will work. You will jump ahead of your competition. You will set the foundation for your success for years to come.

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