Essential Books to Read Before You Spend A Dime on Advertising

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1. Your Client’s Story

Written by Scott West and Mitch Anthony, it literally takes you step by step on the how’s and why’s of creating a lifelong customer. Complete with worksheets and examples and stories of horror and success.

2. Ultimate Guide To Google Adwords

It is the world’s best selling book on Adwords for a reason. The screenshots and specific directions are outdated because the book is old and interfaces change but the principles are rock solid. And if you are thinking, I can just learn it on the fly or use the Google lessons to figure it out, prepare to waste 100x, maybe 1000x more than you would have if you read this book.

3. Choose Yourself

Written by one of the most open and weirdest people on the planet, Choose Yourself is part inspiration and part actionable information. And it is woven together with stories that will flat out terrify and amuse you. Like the time he ended up with a crack whore in a ratty motel by mistake.

4. Predictionable Irrational

If you needed any more justification that people are not “logical” this it.

I actually believe people are perfectly logical based on their experiences and expections. Because we can all have the exact same experiences and expectations our actions are sometimes loony. But that is just me talking.

This book will shatter any preconceived notions about what the logical outcome should be. Ha.. here’s the truth, I liked it because it showed that pricing doesn’t have to be “logical”. And you can influence people into doing situations where every choice is favorable. Both to you and them.

5. 80/20 Marketing

These are in no particular order. If there were, this book would be first. I read a lot. I have read many touchy-feely marketing/business books. A lot of dense stuff. Many books that are revealing in some way. This book is different. This book pounds into you that there is a faster, better way to reach your goals and gives you tools to get it done. I think I have read it 3 times now. It is that good.

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