Why I Don’t Do Social Media And You Shouldn’t Either

Anonymity Is Not My Friend

No Social Media

Social media is fun, it is engaging and for me, mostly useless. I like talking to people. Actual people. People I can touch and share coffee with. For me, social media is what it has always been, a garbage dump for woe and despair. Even the news on social media is in a “if it bleeds it leads” format. And for the most part people hid behind the anonymity of it all. Saying and doing things they wouldn’t dare do in the real world. So who is real, the person online or the person in person?

The Friendships Aren’t Real

2704 friends. That was the number of friends someone I know had listed on their Facebook profile. That’s not real. There is no chance that she is maintaining that many relationships. Just isn’t happening. In fact, I know she isn’t even actively maintaining 10% of those friendships. They are not real. Just numbers in the ether.

Time Suck

Ok, there are some valid reasons to use social media. Communicate with loved ones. Videos of cats. Follow injustice worldwide. It is still a huge, gigantic time waster. All the other things you could be doing, you aren’t. Walking OUTSIDE and actually enjoying it for one. Writing that novel you have been putting off. Reading that novel that is sitting bedside getting dusty and crusty.

Instead I like to do things that make me happy. Wars, racism and cat videos don’t cut it. Walking, exercising, even texting, yes when I want to communicate I want to actually do it one on one. Reading, writing. Just doing stuff that isn’t dictated to me by a feed.

Where social media can be helpful is advertising and research. Since people can be anonymous they tend to be more truthful on social media. So I can get a better understanding of what is really bothering them. How it is affecting their lives and what they want to do about it. That is kind of nice. It is hard to get good information from strangers by just asking.

I am the weirdo, I get it. No Facebook. No Twitter. Instagram I never use and Snapchat I never will. I like actually interpersonal, face to face stuff. And until they unplug me from the Matrix, that is the best I am going to get.

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