Why Being Vulgar Is Always Better In The Long Run

A Dirty Pig

I don’t me be a pig. I mean being vulgar, in the classic sense. In ancient Rome they spoke classic Latin. Educated Romans spoke, read and wrote in this formal and specific dialect. Well classic Latin hasn’t really survived.

Get Some Romance

If you hadn’t heard Romans were pretty aggressive about capturing resources aka expanding their empire. They marched here and there capturing and killing, it is all ancient history. The thing is they took they language (Latin) with them where ever they went.

Once Latin got out it changed. It took words and phrases from local cultures. It wasn’t Latin anymore. It was Vulgar Latin. Latin not spoken in Rome. And vulgar latin or common romance as it was also called was everywhere and it wasn’t just one language, it was many.

Latin, Customers? Wait.. What?

Romance Language Map

That is where the Romance languages are spoken now. Over 955,000,000 people speak these vulgar words and phrases everyday. That’s a lot of vulgarity.

Here’s what you need to know from all this. Speaking the language of the people is way more important in advertising than impressing them with flowery words or industry jargon.

Your customers are vulgar. They know what they want… the result.. they rarely know exactly how to get it or what it is called in your line of work.

For 8 years I called a panini, a smashed sandwich.. Still do

They want the result, they buy a drill for the hole. Bug spray so they DON’T see bugs. Gas so they get to where they are going. All the lingo and fancy terms turn potential customers off.. In the beginning. More on that later.

When you are building your advertising and marketing campaigns, be vulgar. Speak the language of the common folk. Talk like you are not an Grandmaster Jedi in your field but a newbie that just wants the results and you don’t know a lightsaber from a toothpick.

Regardless of what words are used, if both people in the conversation can say, I know what you meant.. then you have a winner. You never want your marketing message to leave the customer confused. Bewildered people don’t buy.

When To Get Fancy

There is a time and place to prove you are master of your craft. I like to call it during your deep dives. Deep dives are when you have customers on your mailing list or in a face to face situation. In those situations lay it all out. Let them know what is what. Explain that fancy process. Just remember, when you are doing all that explaining, tie it back to what they really want to know.

How does all this fanciness get me what I want?

Email marketing campaigns are great for speaking in two tongues, your expert tongue and the language of us common people.

855,000,000 (conservative number of Romance language native speakers), 2,869,461 (Population of Rome). That almost 300:1. Whenever you are building an ad campaign and think it a good idea to add some fancy jargon, stop and think about that. 300:1, who would you want to reach, the 300 people starving for the results you bring or yourself, the one person who will understand perfectly what you meant.

Boom, mind blown.