5 Lies That Drained My Happiness and Cost Me Money

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1. Starting A Business Costs A Ton

Yet another reason not to watch television, get an MBA or listen to family. Most of the people you know, know nothing about actually making money. They hear about it and normally what they hear they have no context to figure out. Kind of like when Europeans first heard of the playtpus. Starting a business takes 2 simple things.

  1. An idea
  2. A system to test the idea

Kittens and Blinds

You think you have a way to keep your cats from breaking your vinyl blinds. Great. Write up a short, concise guide: “How To Save Your Blinds From Your Beloved Kittens”. Put up a simple webpage and link it to a PayPal account. Now, drive traffic to your page. It is actually VERY inexpensive to drive traffic. In less than a month, sometimes less than a week, you will know if your business will work.

I spent YEARS, thinking that a “business” had to have offices and staffs and patents and copyrights and the list goes on forever. Nope. Successful businesses only nees a profitable idea to sell.

2. Being”Book Smart” Has Anything To Do With Being Successful

Jesus, this is a big myth. This is a 2 for 1, partnered with “just work hard(er)”. Neither is true. What people should say is learn from smart books. There are three steps to smarter book learning. First, know that there is a better way than what you are doing. Second, go out and find someone that “seems” to have it figured out. Third, critically read what they have to say. Actually, there is a fourth, test it for yourself. Oh and a fifth, don’t stop learning.

3. Meditation Is Hookum

As was hinted in Some Things About Me, I upbringing was not ideal. As a result, I have been blessed with a desire to self-improve. And let me tell you, meditation is very, very helpful. Again, this is one of those things that people that practice tend to complicate and people that don’t have no understanding. For me, it is simple. Find a quiet place, close my eyes and focus on breathing and counting. That’s it. And it sounds simple but all these random thoughts want to intrude. And that is the key. Letting all that go and sitting quietly and patiently. I don’t do it for hours on end. I started at a minute then worked my way up. And I don’t do it timed. Or guided. I just sit quietly. Meditation makes it much easier to deal with “problems” that come up. I started to realize that most problems where passing, the others were of my own making, therefore I could unmake them. If you decide to mediatate, find a way that works for you and don’t let anyone deter you, it is worth it.

4. Making Money Takes A Long Time

Remember #1 Starting A Business Costs a Ton? Well this is its cousin. People that have “made” it have a history. That history is very personal, a lot of emotional attachment. And rightfully so. So maybe it took them what they consider a long time. That’s doesn’t mean it has to take you a long time.

5. The Business Opinions of Friends and Family Matter

People want… Well, I wanted to say people want the best for you… Eh, some do, some don’t, some don’t know the difference. What people do is offer opinions. I like opinions. I just know what they are. They are autobiographical. They are what they would tell their earlier self if the situation came up and they had a time machine or at least one of those radios that can transmit through time. So when I comes to your business or your happiness, test it. Don’t worry about what I or anyone else has to say. Try it out and see if it works.

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