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What you are getting is a guaranteed combination of PPC consulting and ongoing consulting. PPC consulting runs anywhere from $300/month to over $1500. It is not cheap, nor should it be. PPC consultants are literally printing money for your business.

And there are several sites out there that will allow you to set up a PPC management account and have numerous tutorials. Wordstream comes to mind for PPC management and Unbounce can get you a landing page started. Though the combined minimum price, without any assistance is going to be in excessive of $300 a month.

That doesn't include any help with long term customer relations or any programs designed to help you connect all the dots into one simple to execute plan to build your book.

PPC consultant fees vary but expecting $600 to $800 per month is not unreasonable. One potential problem with hiring out is highlighted in this excellent report from the people over at Wordstream:

  • 1 in 5 PPC account managers DO NOTHING at all within a month.
  • Over 1 in every 3 worked on accounts less than once a week.
  • Only 1 in 10 consistently work on customer accounts weekly over a 90 day period.

Learn How To Master Everything You Need To Know About PPC Advertising

I have a better solution. You do it, I help. No one loves your business like you do. So why not work together to put your advertising on auto-pilot. Set up a smart system that markets your business while you sleep so you can focus on great customer service. Then periodically check on your marketing machine. Eliminate what isn't working, focus on what is, and keep that machine humming along.

  • Simply and Easily Work Less And Make More
  • Capture High Quality Leads From Search Engines In 48 Hours
  • Convert Those Leads Into Paying Customers By Mastering Experiments
  • Get Better Leads Faster Using Google's Latest Innovations

You can do all of this yourself with a little help from me.

Multiple Implementation Ideas, Industry Specific Advice

PPC is Measurable

PPC is measurable so you are never miserable.

Your business evolves, from day to day, year to year. What you need is a way to learn what you need to know right now and ongoing support... that way you and your business, stay ahead of the competition and you never have to worry about your marketing machine breaking down.

  • Learn How To Use Free Web Resources To Create Killer Ads In 10 Minutes.
  • Advanced Techniques For Writing Ads That Attract Only The Best Customers.
  • Get Step By Step Proven Tactics To Lower Your Expenses While Raising Your Conversions At The Same Time.
  • Learn New Ways To Use Existing Models To Attract The Best Customers.
  • Learn The Fractal Model Of Business Growth, This Is The Thing That Doubles And Triples Your Business In No Time.
  • Continuous Updates On Latest Mobile Strategy.
  • The Right Way To Incorporate Click To Call And Other New Sitelink Features Into Your Business.
  • Methods For Profitably Expanding Beyond Simple PPC To Reach Even More Customers.
  • Get Proven Techniques For Print Advertising That Work To Cut Print Expenses By 20% 30% Even 50%.

And I guarantee my work. I hold myself accountable for producing actionable, quality work that you can use to grow your business month after month. My experience operating nuclear reactors and teaching other people showed me the value of staying on top of your game.

That's why I read everyday, write everyday, research everyday. Just so when I tell you that you have a full 6 month guarantee, that if you are unhappy for any reason you still keep all the material and get your money back, I don't flinch.

Because I know what I offer you is not only worth what you invest, it is worth magnitudes more. It is easy to measure how much more revenue you will have, how much less time you will spend getting it.

What is harder to measure is how much better you will feel. How much more relaxed you will be knowing that your marketing machine is doing its thing, while you are out doing yours.

6 months guaranteed or your money back, no hassles, no games.

Money-Back Guarantee

I’m fully committed to helping you improve your business and become a success. You can test-drive the newsletter for 6 months, reading the material, testing the strategies, implementing the tactics, and checking out the case studies. If you sign-up, complete the Quick Start guide, and do the work but still don’t feel the newsletter is right for you or will improve your marketing and build your customer list. I’ll happily refund 100% of your money.

Every month you receive a newsletter packed full of information. Every article and tactic is designed to boost your marketing efforts and keep you as booked as you want to be. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. It will make your life better. Your marketing will become easy and your time will be spent doing the things you love to do.

How is this newsletter structured?

Each newsletter contains a deep dive into a specific PPC topic. Showing you the various ways it impacts your business. Reviews, strategies, implementation tactics and what could go wrong are all the norm.

Every month you are getting industry specific ways to help your business. This is the most extensive HyperLocal PPC Marketing Newsletter out there.

Plus you get the Quick Start Guide.

Can I jump ahead right away?

The Quick Start Guide is meant to establish the foundation for your success. I can tell you that trying to digest all the information at once will be like drinking from a fire hose. That is why the Quick Start Guide is separate from the newsletter. The structure of the newsletter and the Quick Start Guide are helpul in preventing you from getting overwhelmed.

I don’t have a lot of time. Is this newsletter for me?

This newsletter is meant to provide you the skills you need to grow at your own pace, whatever that pace may be. Take your time, reading and understanding the principles then apply them as quickly as you like. That said, the faster you test your ideas the faster the best ones will reveal themselves.

What if I get really confused or stuck?

I, Lamar, and she, Angie are here to help you if you get stuck or confused. In addition to our PPC work, Angie has launched 4 no, 6 successful hyperlocal magazines. She has done everything from helping busineses get the most out of their advertising dollar to managing the sales force to editorial.

In addition to my PPC work, I have taught at the college level, taught nuclear operations in various capacities and I have been producing training materials for over 20 years.

How often do I need to work on my marketing to make this work?

You don't need to fiddle with things constantly. That is the beauty of PPC. You create the experiment and let it run. Then make incremental changes to make it work better. The customers tell you what working and what is not.

You could easily set up a PPC campaign in 30 minutes and have those ads up and running immediately. Checking your campaigns only takes a few minutes and the majority of changes you will make will take less than 10 minutes.

Is my payment secure?

We collect payments via the 256-bit encryption payment provider PayPal. Your payment is secure, so no one takes your data! I know how important this is!

If I don’t like the course, can I get a refund?

Yes. I’m fully committed to helping you improve your business and become a success. You can test-drive the newsletter for 6 months, reading the material, testing the strategies, implementing the tactics, and checking out the case studies. If you sign-up, complete the Quick Start guide, and do the work but still don’t feel the newsletter is right for you or will improve your customer acquisition. I’ll happily refund 100% of your money.

Get Started Today With One of These 3 Options

  1. $59 Quick Start Guide only. One-time
  2. $69/month for the subscription, including the Quick Start Guide. This is Recurring Every Month.
  3. $479, subscription and quick start, campaign setup and monitoring. This is Recurring Every Month.

I highly recommend Lamar for your marketing needs. He was always very prompt always very prompt in adding and updating any information I wanted, as well as creating new ideas too. He has went above and beyond my expectations.

Nikki Voytoski, Owner, N&D Designs

Mr. Johnson has the talent to identify effective practices and how to maximize and enhance them in an effort to provide quality service levels. He has a “keen eye” for finding inefficiencies in a process, system or structure. He utilizes these skills, along with his excellent communication abilities to transform organizations.

Larry Rains, City Manager, City of Casa Grande

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Lamar Johnson. I would highly recommend Lamar Johnson to assist any private or public organization in the areas of marketing, goal setting, management structure and financial analysis/effectiveness. In my opinion, not only will he provide leadership and recommendations that will enhance the effectiveness of a business but will also assist in developing an environment where employees want to come to work and be successful.

Dr. Richard I. Terbush, Consultant

Angela is my go-to person for managing my busy business. From getting financials done, to my technology/databases/websites, to social media, to client relations, to my schedule, to returning calls, to events and more. I am so blessed to have Angela on my side and you will be too!"

Dena Patton, Business Coach & Speaker

Angela Johnson has tossed me a life saver on more than one occasion as I have struggled to maintain my business. She is responsive and professional, knowledgeable and highly qualified, and very patient as she also instructs. It is without hesitation that I recommend Angela's services.

Jane Misch Rumolo, Chat, Chew and Chocolate

J2 was very pleased with the thoroughness of the administration, organization and thought process that Lamar brought to each and every meeting he attended. He utilizes a unique skill set, not often found in public service or consulting, that included active listening, along with excellent communication abilities that allowed him to focus in on the issues and problems of completing a complex project in a very short and aggressive time frame.

Jeff Engelmann, President, J2 Engineering and Environmental Design

I found Lamar to be a smart,focused consensus builder who was cool in a high pressure, politically charged environment.

Fritz Behrhorst, Vice President, Haydon Inc

Lamar’s team oriented approach; positive attitude and ability to inspire people toward achieving complex goals are a few of the attributes I admire about Lamar. He is always cheerful and encouraging, while at the same time focused and professional. His well rounded leadership skills and deep understanding of marketing, social media, project management, negotiation abilities, organizational development and even financial analysis make him an extraordinary candidate for any project

John F Kane, Principal, Architekton

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