3 Simple Underused Ways To Find Keywords for a Newbie

Dictionary Keywords Keywords are the key.. see what I did there.. the key to attracting the right people.

When people search on something keywords are the meat of the search.

So finding the words they may use is a big deal. Especially since people don’t search “linearly”. They jump around, they switch devices and they switch terms. What may start as nalon treatment on a desktop could end up as a nalon salon near me on a mobile. Similarly, knocking noise when I turn becomes an auto repair shop search on the Google Maps app.

Even in the same “search” the terms change: my dog shakes, my dog shakes uncontrollably, canine seizures, dog seizures, what to do about my dog’s seizures. Not only that, Dr. Livingston will tell you there are subtle nuisances in their search. You may think searches for hamsters and hamster are the same. Not so. Research has shown that the hamsters people likely don’t own a hamster. While the hamster people are already owners.

With all this going on finding the right keywords is pretty important.

What’s Trending

Netflix will not release it viewing data, when pressed about why this was cancelled but not that, they refer you to Google Trends.

With Google Trends you can enter any search terms, see related terms, see how that term is trending over time and see how that term trends in different locations.

That is pretty powerful stuff.

Peinados Is A Thing

So how are they different and what’s in it for you? First, let’s start with Trends. Drop Hairstyle into the “Explore Topics” box and you get:

  • Interest Over Time – timeline, you can change the range
  • Interest By Region – color coded map
  • Related Topics – People searching for hairstyle also searched for these terms. Here you see topics like, short hair or braid
  • Related Queries – People searching for hairstyle also ran these searches. Here you see searches like, haircut, hairstyle, peinados

Related Topics are a great place to look when you are building Display Ads. These ads are served to people reading about a topic in depth. These are the ads you see when you are in a forum or a news site. Because Display Ads are Topical, using keywords from here to build your Display Network ads is a smart move. And if it is not clear, the Related Queries is a great place to find keywords as well. Building Search Ads for keyword Short Hair Styles seems to be a pretty good idea since people are search for Hairstyles and Short Hair together.

Google Knows When You Have The Flu

Google also has something called Google Correlate. In their words Google Correlate:

Google Correlate finds search patterns which correspond with real-world trends.

And if you want a history of how Google Correlate came to be and what it has to do with the flu, check out this Google Correlate Comic.

Google Correlate uses search information to show searches that follow the same pattern. So if you drop NFL into the Search Correlations box you get:

  • Current NFL
  • In The NFL
  • NFL.

The list goes on. And you would expect a search for In The NFL to follow a similar pattern to an NFL search. But people are irrational. The things they search for may, in your mind, have nothing to do with each other.

Here is the list for a Correlation of Liposuction

  • Exotic car rental
  • Augmentation
  • Chicago Apartments
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Teak Furniture
  • Rollerblading
  • Philadelphia Apartments
  • Chrome Rims
  • Wicker Furniture
  • Aftermarket Parts

And it used to include “Property Value” in the top 10 correlate searches.

Some of those may make sense, others like rollerblading, not so much. But those patterns match. Why is this important? Building ads is about getting into the head of the customer. What are thinking? What are they feeling? What is the conversation in their mind? Correlated searches give you some insight. Combine correlation with what you know about your customer and you start to dig into their psyche. You get great insights into what is important and what trigger words you can add to your sales copy. If I was writing copy for a liposuction(ist) in Philapdelphia or Chicago I definitely would include imagery of sunning while driving my red Ferrari top down and standing on the balcony of my fancy high rise apartment overlooking the city.

4 of 20 correlated Liposuction results mentioned Apartments

Flex LexFn

Typewriter This is an easy one. Lexfn is a fancy thesaurus, I love this thing. There are 6 different options, I always start with “Show Related”.

Drop a word here and you get a list of great related words. Words that are a synonym, words that comprise your keyword, words more general than your keyword, words that are trigger by your word (whale triggers willy).

This is a great place to find keywords related to your product, business or idea.

The Weird World of Comments

Baby You want to know exactly how people are talking. Listen. And the Internet is a great place to listen. People love to comment, they love to talk, jump into a forum and follow a topic. You will find exactly what is bothering people and you will hear it in the language they use.

I love forums. I love them to listen for problems and language. Researching dog seizures I came up with everything I needed to run an experiment just by visiting 1 forum online.

Amazon. Find a book on your topic, one that has several comments, read through them. Look for the questions that were NOT answered by the book. Look for the things people said they wanted more information on. Look at how they asked and finally see if there is something multiple people liked. Whether it is content or how the content was presented.

Youtube: Oh my. This is where common sense goes to die. But… but… the comments are still useful. Navigate the snark and the foolishness and you will find people talking about their problem, what the video did well and what was missing. You are always looking for what is missing and you are looking for it in the language they speak.

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