10 Wrong Ways To Setup Your Adwords Campaign


1. Ignore Negative Words

Negative Keywords This will cost you money. Keywords like free or jobs do nothing to drive paying customers. And if you don’t add them as negative keywords they could trigger your ad. In turn, you get a click. A click from someone that you don’t want clicking. Remember, marketing and sales is about eliminating the wrong people. Not just attracting the right people.

2. Don’t Use Display Network Ads

Display Network It is more work to create ads just for Display. But it is worth it. These ads face less competition and reach a different audience.

3. Use Keywords Not Topics on The Display Network

Display Network Keywords and Topics are related in PPC Advertising but they are not the same. Don’t cheat yourself and try to use keywords for your Display Network ads. This will cost you time and money.

4. Don’t Use Sitelinks

Sitelink Extensions Interesting thing these sitelinks. They let you pour 10 ounces of information in an 8 ounce cup. And you thought that couldn’t be done. Want to send people to separate landing pages from a single ad? Sitelinks. Learn all the cool stuff sitelink extensions can do and put them to work.

5. Don’t Test

Testing Landing Pages with Google Analytics A/B Tests Benefits of Experiments The blessing of living right now is the speed at which you can test your advertising. Testing means improving and improving means more customers. Whether they are repeat or new, more customers are a good thing. Test your landing pages, sales pages, increase your conversions and reduce your costs. Go!

6. Don’t Set Up Conversion Tracking

Set Up Conversion Tracking Tests and conversions go hand in hand. In fact, conversions are the name of the game. And if you tell me something about branding, take and look and see how well “branding” works. Never Brand, Just Convert XKCD 624

7. Don’t Segment Campaigns and Ad Groups

Campaign Basics Sell mobile phones and tablets… maybe you should have separate campaigns. At the very least separate ad groups. Lumping stuff together doesn’t help you. It drives up your costs and reduces your conversions.

8. Start With Broad Match

Match Types In Google Google recommends you start with broad match and narrow your field. Nice strategy for those not worried about paying for their ads. You on the other hand are smart. Start with exact and phrase matches. Then work your way to broad modifier if needed. This saves money, increases CTR which decreases bid price.

9. Mix Your Display and Search Campaigns

Campaign Types (1) Your cost per acquisition math will have to accomodate the different ways your ad is displayed. This is not easy especially since Google “converts” your bid to a cost per impression amount during a Display Network auction. (2) Display Network ads are based on topics, Search Network ads are based on keywords. While they are related, they are not the same. (3) People seeing Display Network ads are engrossed in learning about a topic. They are reading and fact finding. People using the Search Network are much further along in the buying process and solving their problem is a matter of urgency. These types of customers are of two different minds, your advertising should recognize that.

10. Send People To A Generic Landing Page

Home Pages that Are Landing Pages Look Like This You may love your landing page. Maybe it is the triumph of which you could have only dreamed. But unless it is specific to an ad you wrote, don’t send your ad traffic there.