Swinger Dating by Lamarj

Swinger Mistakes You Are Making Right Now

You Are Bad In Bed Angie and I have been together 17 years. She has taught me a lot and trained me well. I know how to make her happy in the bedroom. That doesn’t mean that I know how to get anyone else off. Want to be a good lover?┬áListen and take queues. Just because you think you know what you are doing doesn’t make it true. We played with a couple, the guy came kind of quick. No big deal. Until he decided to try to get Angie…read more


Swinger Racism Debunked

Is Swinger Racism Real? Yes. but overt racism in swinging is extremely rare. I have been to hundreds of parties and gatherings. Haven’t seen a white hood yet. Have I heard that so and so is a racist? Sure. What do I care. When I see them I say hello. They are friendly. When I get in the pool they don’t get out. This isn’t Selma circa 1954. Swingers are a tolerant lot. It has never made sense to be a raging racist in the swinging community, it gains you…read more

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